From the President

 Justice Stephen Rothman AM


Dear Friends,


Last week we held our first Communal Shabbat Lunch.  It was a resounding success, although we expect it will continue to improve. The lunch was intended to be an informal opportunity for people to “schmooze” after Shule, it was that and more.  

There were about 65 attendees of about 130 in Shule.  There was a relaxed atmosphere without time constraints.  For my own part I had the opportunity to speak to people I hadn’t and to speak to others with whom my interaction had been curtailed in the past.  

There are always ways to improve, but this was an excellent first step and met all our hopes for a first effort.  The food, intended to be simple, was substantial and of good quality.  There was Cholent (meat and vegetarian), hot meat, chicken schnitzel and cold cuts.  My thanks to the Women’s Auxiliary in particular and the staff for all of the effort.  I also had the opportunity to hear some constructive comments about improving the décor in the Israel Green Auditorium and other opportunities for improvement all round.

We extend birthday greetings to Harris (Harry) Lewis and David Spicer and we wish them many more years of good health.  Harry also celebrates his Bar Mitzvah anniversary.  We extend the same wishes to Michael Moddel on his Bar Mitzvah anniversary as well. 

This week we also celebrate two Wedding Anniversaries: David & Annabelle Bennett (45 years), Michael & Sue Moddel (44 years) and Jack & Leah Woolf (44 years).  We extend to them many more years of happiness together.

We extend to all celebrating Simchas, a prayer for the blessings of good health, happiness, peace and prosperity over many years!

To all those commemorating a Yahrzeit, or who have recently suffered a loss, we wish you a long and good life.

I am on leave from this week and so I will not see you in Shule for a while!

Warmest Regards