Rabbi L. A. Falk Memorial Library

The Rabbi L. A. Falk Memorial Library, opened in 1957, holds more than 6,500 books based on a collection amassed by Rabbi LA Falk who served the congregation of The Great Synagogue from 1923-1956. The books, in Hebrew, English and a variety of European languages, are principally of antiquarian interest although there has been a move recently to build up the Judaica section in English with the regular purchase of new books and publications.

Recently the library has also acquired some CD-Rom research tools. A liturgical music section is in the process of development. Within the collection is a group of around 200 old and rare books, both leather and vellum bound, some dating from the early 16th century. They include some notable early printed Bibles, 1667 editions of works by John Calvin, a very rare treatise on the Kabbalah from 1517 and Renaissance-era editions of Josephus in various European languages.

The Rabbi LA Falk Memorial Library is a reference library and books cannot be borrowed. However, the office staff of the Great Synagogue is happy to assist with photocopying for which a small fee is charged.

The volunteer librarian is David Lesnie and he and his volunteer helpers are happy to assist with telephone and written queries and email inquiries.

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