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Making a Will allows you to divide your estate as you choose between family, friends and the organisations you love and support.

It also allows you to become an active part of the future development and success of the community in which you live.

Making a Will requires careful thought and action. We ask that you consider how you can include a meaningful gift to your community and then act to achieve this by making a bequest to our Synagogue.

Those who are members of The Great Synagogue, the mother congregation of Australian Jewry, will appreciate the importance of tradition and have ensured the continued survival and growth of The Great through two centuries of Australian nationhood. But all committed member of the community have helped maintain the unbroken chain of Jewish life that started almost 6,000 years ago at Mount Sinai.

The Great Synagogue provides an important link between the many generations of Australian Jewry and is a symbol of all the achievements of our very special community.

A bequest to your synagogue is a gift that will guarantee that the traditions and practices of Jewish life will remain vibrant for generations to come at The Great.

By including the Synagogue in your Will you can help future generations of Jews cherish The Great in a way that will be remembered forever.

“Nobody is ever impoverished through the giving of charity” : Maimonides


  • A fulfilment of your wishes
  • A link between the generations
  • A permanent memorial
  • Your way to make a difference 

Your Will lets you decide how your estate, no matter how large or small, is distributed after your death. Without a Will your assets will be divided according to an arbitrary statutory formula which may not accord with your wishes.

Your estate includes property and money, as well as shares, bonds, jewellery and works of art. Through your Will you can decide what happens to those things and you determine how they can be used to benefit your loved ones, your community and your congregation.

It is easy to become a permanent part of The Great Synagogue tradition of caring for your community. Just ask your solicitor or trustee to include the following in your Will:

“I give to The Great Synagogue, Sydney, absolutely free of all duties,
the following…”

Here insert the details of your gift to the Synagogue – see below for examples.

And I declare that the receipt of the President, Honorary Treasurer, Administrator or other proper officer of The Great Synagogue shall be sufficient discharge of the same.”

* For all of your estate
“The whole of my estate”

* For a portion of your Estate
“…% of my Estate”

* For a specified amount
“The sum of $... “     (Insert the amount)

* For specific property or other items
“The following property or items…”     (To be fully described)

For more information, contact Bequest Officer Suzanne Cohen at 9267 2477.

Sun, 16 June 2019 13 Sivan 5779