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Brit Milahs, Baby Namings & Pidyon Habens

When a Jewish child is born family and community celebrate together. The Ministers of the Synagogue will be happy to advise you about the early lifecycle events for your newborn. A Brit Milah can take place either at home or in the shule. We can suggest a suitable mohel and help you organise a breakfast to celebrate the occasion.
In certain cases, a first-born son is not only given a Brit, but is ‘redeemed’ of his special sanctity thirty days after birth by a Cohen. We can arrange this ceremony, including finding a Cohen if there is no family member or friend able to perform the role. 

By tradition, a baby girl is named the first time that her father is called to the Torah after her birth. This can be done on Shabbat, or if the family want something more low key, on a Monday or Thursday. If the naming takes place on Shabbat, then before Adon Olam the girl is brought to the Bimah with the entire family, female relatives open and close the Ark and the Rabbi blesses the baby. The family will often sponsor a Kiddush after the service.

Fri, 14 June 2024 8 Sivan 5784