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Our Services

Our service is a lovely mixture of traditional and contemporary, where we try to find a happy medium to suit our congregation. On Friday night we enjoy a lively service mixing traditional and modern tunes. On Shabbat mornings and the first morning of each Festival, as well as both days Rosh Hashanah and on Yom Kippur, the Choir accompanies the service, singing classic and new pieces from the repertoire. A delicious and social Kiddush follows each service.

We call to the Torah and allocate other honours during the service to members, guests and visitors marking special occasions. We also hold special services on weekdays including the annual Law Service pictured above.

Our efficient and friendly Gabbai looks after these arrangements, working with the Ministers and Executive. Rabbi Yakov Richter is our expert Torah Reader. We announce and celebrate or commemorate each occasion from the Bimah. The Rabbi gives an informative and engaging sermon each week, and if we are marking a lifecycle event, such as a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, or Aufruf, he addresses his remarks to the celebration and the family. When we read from two Torah scrolls (Rosh Chodesh and Festivals), one is also carried in the Ladies’ Gallery by a female member of the congregation, to mark a special occasion. Each week the Prayer for the Congregation is read at the end of the service by a female member of the congregation to mark a special occasion. We also invite two women to open the Ark at this time.


Times of services

Monday and Thursday, and Chanukah, mornings Currently suspended
Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings     Currently suspended
Rosh Chodesh, Chol HaMoed, Selichot, Minor Fasts Currently suspended
Weekday Mincha, confirmed by Whatsapp Currently suspended
Friday and Festival evenings Currently suspended
Shabbat and Festival mornings Currently suspended
Shabbat Mincha After Kiddush during the winter (non-daylight saving)
High Holidays Click here to see our calendar


Guide to Services at Home

Rabbi Phil has compiled a concise, easy-to-follow guide to Shabbat services at home, as a resources for the community. It includes details of what differs between the services in Shule and at home, as well as page references for the green Authorised Daily Prayer Book.
Click here or on the image to access it.

Service Times

Service Times


Although we cannot recite Kaddish at the moment because there are no minyanim, the community might find it comforting to hear the words of Kaddish and also to practice for when we return to Shule. Here is a recording by Rabbi Elton.


Friday Night Recordings

Recordings of some of the tunes we use on Friday Night, by Rabbi Phil Kaplan. For transliterations of the prayers, please click here.

Yedid Nefesh
Shiru La'doshem
Mizmor L'David


Fri, 5 June 2020 13 Sivan 5780