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We're joining with the Italian Culture Institutes of Sydney and Melbourne for a ZOOM event focussed on Giorgio Perlasca, who saved over 5000 Hungarian Jews during the final year of World War II.

Rabbi Elton will present on Perlasca's extraordinary work, while Dr Simon Holloway from the Jewish Museum will speak about the general context at the time.

Thursday 28th Jan at 5:30pm. Click here to register:



JBD's Talking About Israel Course

Join over 1,300 graduates of the Board’s flagship Talking About Israel course

February-March 2021


Over five interactive sessions, our expert facilitators will help you expand your knowledge, skills and ability to talk about Israel.


Wednesdays 12-2:30 pm at The Great Synagogue (166 Castlereagh St entrance)

February 3       Basic principles

February 10     Competing narratives

February 17     Israel Update

February 24     Engaging with the Left and on campus

March 3          Being active online and elsewhere


Feedback from graduates – what they got out of the course

An opportunity to think about and examine my preconceived ideas about Israel. An opportunity to learn the facts which were presented in a concise way, enabling me to understand and integrate them rapidly. An opportunity to listen to other peoples' idea about Israel and an opportunity to meet people who are working in the field of advocacy.

1. A better understanding of the development of issues that have led to the present situation in the Middle East. 2. A better understanding of the motivations of the different parties involved in the current conflict.

I felt I had real gaps in my knowledge of Jewish history, which the presentations helped me fill. I also didn't feel as helpless by the end of the course when I now read articles against Israel. I now feel that I can write and talk about the issues more effectively.

I really improved my knowledge about Israel, both about its past and about current events. I found it most stimulating to hear intelligent approaches to considering many difficult questions.

Information and a much better perspective of Israel. It helped me open my mind to alternative thinking. I sincerely appreciated being in a room of keen, knowledgeable and constructive thinkers.

Lots of information, as well as ideas of how to respond to the media without too much emotion or antagonism - try and get as much positive information out there. Not to 'vacate the space' - and choosing when to respond and when it's better not to.

SO much! I think it should be compulsory for every Jewish high school student and every adult in the community ... and that's just for starters. I learnt a history of Israel in a nutshell. I got a great overall picture of the current situation, which is hard to get because if you pick up a paper there is always an assumed knowledge which many of us don't have. It has made me want to stand up for Israel and speak out when needed.

I appreciated the course and was so glad I attended each session. I have encouraged as many people as I know to attend when it occurs next. All teachers were top class. The community should be proud to have such fair-minded people and facilitators in community organisations.


Important information about what TAI IS and ISN’T

  • It is NOT an Israel education course or a Middle East politics course– for one of those, contact the Zionist Council of NSW or the Israeli Embassy or the Melton Program or other providers.
  • It is NOT a series of lectures.
  • It is NOT going to give you easy answers to difficult questions – instead it is going to equip you with an approach to answering such questions.
  • It IS a resource to help you use the (no-doubt-considerable) knowledge you already have about Israel, to better talk to people who may not be on the same page as you around these issues: friends, family, colleagues and strangers.
  • It IS probably going to help you revise and synthesize the Israel knowledge you already have.
  • It IS hopefully going to provide you with some knowledge you don’t have, including about the narratives that run contrary to our mainstream Zionist narratives – to equip you better to counter those.
  • It IS going to have facilitators and participants of many different ages. Participants have always found this cross-generational learning experience very powerful.  
  • It IS going to provide you with a resource to keep - you will be sent PDF copies of each week’s presentation.
  • IMPORTANT: It IS super interactive and you will be expected to participate.  


How to register

The course is free for JBD Members (also known as Associates) and $50 for non-JBD Members.

Register at:

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For booked events, online booking links will be advertised with each event as appropriate.

If you have any questions regarding an event, please contact the office on or 9267 2477.


Tue, 26 January 2021 13 Shevat 5781