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Past Events & Recordings


Rabbi Elton & Friends: Prof Edward Baring

Rabbi Elton talks to his friend Dr Edward Baring, Associate Professor of History and Human Values at Princeton University, on the subject "Derrida & Judaism".
Dr Baring is the author of The Young Derrida and French Philosophy, 1945-1968 (2011), which examines the early career of Jacques Derrida, in the context of the academic institutions of mid-century Paris that put him in conversation with a range of political and theological ideas.


Rabbi Elton & Friends: Dr Toby Greene

Rabbi Elton talks to his friend Dr Toby Greene, Lecturer in the Political Studies Department of Bar Ilan University, about the state of the State of Israel.


Rabbi Elton & Friends: Rabbi Andrew Scheer

Rabbi Elton chats with Rabbi Andrew Scheer about his time working on Rikers Island, and what it's like being a Rabbi and religious Jew in Tokyo today.


Rabbi Elton & Friends: Rabbi Dr Samuel Lebens

Rabbi Elton chats with Rabbi Dr Samuel Lebens on a range of topics including his philosophical works and views, his work as a professor and views on Israeli society, and his contributions to Judaism and the Jewish world. Rabbi Dr Lebens is an academic philosopher at the University of Haifa, Orthodox Rabbi and Jewish educator.



International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2022

We joined with the Italian Institute of Culture - Sydney for a webinar marking International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Associate Professor Michael Robertson presented a lecture entitled "The Holocaust and the pscyhe - victim, executioner, bystander, beneficiary". Rabbi Elton then spole about the Jewish perspective on grappling with the trauma of the Holocaust.



NSW State Memorial Service for Eddie Jaku OAM

Rabbi Elton and The Great Synagogue Choir officiated at the New South Wales State Memorial Service for Eddie Jaku OAM z"l, held at the Sydney Town Hall on 15 December 2021. The full service is available to watch below.



Master the High Holiday Prayer Book in one hour

Rabbi Elton led an interactive session going through the structure and prayers of the Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur Machzors, with an eye to davening (praying) at home.



Jewish Chaplains Around the World

Honouring Rabbi Leib Aisack Falk's military chaplaincy from 1935 to 1952, this talk was moderated by Rabbi Phil and features Rabbi Dan Millner from Congregation Tiferet Israel in Austin, Texas and Rabbi Yossi Friedman from Maroubra Synagogue here in Sydney. They discuss their chaplaincies in the American and Australian militaries.



The Story of Victor Perez: Jewish Boxer, World Champion and Holocaust Martyr

Hear the amazing story of Victor Perez, French Tunisian boxer, World Flyweight Champion 1931, and Auschwitz prisoner who died on 21 January 1945 on a death march. Told by Rabbi Daniel Lieberman, the Rabbi of Perth Hebrew Congregation and a boxing enthusiast.



Living in a 2nd Lockdown: Lessons from Melbourne

Rabbi Elton and Rabbi Yaakov Glasman AM of St Kilda Shule in Melbourne discuss lockdowns, Covid and the future in this ZOOM session.



COVID-19, Delta Strain & The Vaccines | Rabbi Elton in conversation with Dr Peter Elton

Rabbi Elton is joined by his father, Dr Peter Elton, live from England to discuss everything current with COVID, including how England has managed, the vaccines, Australia's situation and more.

Dr Peter Elton is the Clinical Director of the Greater Manchester and Eastern Cheshire Strategic Clinical Networks, a former member of the UK Government's Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation and was a Director of Public Health for eighteen years.



Digging Deep with Renee Mill

Focussing on good mental health practices is always important, but more so than ever when we are isolated from one another in lockdown. This is a ZOOM session on shoring up our practices with Renee Mill, Director and Principal Clinical Psychologist at Anxiety Solutions CBT.




The Misunderstood Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

Rabbi Elton explores the background, thought and religious policy positions of Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, and consider where his theological and social perspectives have been widely misunderstood.




Coping with COVID: A conversation with Psychotherapist Brandon Srot


Thu, 30 May 2024 22 Iyar 5784