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       Songs of the Service       


     Our Rabbis and choirmaster are recording key parts of services in the Synagogue and home.     

     Listen and sing along!     

All page numbers listed correspond to the green Authorised Daily Prayer Book, fourth edition.


Parts of the Friday Night service recorded by Rabbi Phil.

Yedid Nefesh (p. 256)


Shiru La'doshem (p. 258)


Mizmor l'Dovid (p. 264)


V'shamru (p. 282)




Psalms in Hallel sung by Rabbi Phil and choirmaster Justin Green.

Adonai Zecharanu Yevarech (p. 620)


Mah Ashiv (p. 622)

Key elements of the Pesach Seder, recorded by Rabbi Elton.

Order of the Seder


Kiddush for Pesach


Ma Nishtana


Avadim Hayinu


Vehi Sheamda


Ten Plagues






Leshana Haba


Echad Mi Yodeia


Adir Hu


Chad Gadya


Ki Lo Naeh


Mon, 13 July 2020 21 Tammuz 5780