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Founded in the 1980s, the AM Rosenblum Jewish Museum showcases the Great Synagogue's outstanding collection of Jewish artefacts including textiles, ritual silver and paintings. Exhibitions change periodically.


The exhibition Building: The Great Synagogue in Sydney since 1878 opened as part of the series of special events marking the 140th anniversary of The Great Synagogue in 2018. The building of The Great Synagogue on Elizabeth Street in Sydney in 1878 was the visionary statement of a confident Jewish congregation. This exhibition explores the history and architectural significance of the building which has become a heritage landmark and a symbol of the Jewish community's history. In eight thematic sections, it features rare photographs presented with corresponding documents, artworks and objects from the AM Rosenblum Jewish Museum and other institutions.


To view the exhibition, please come to one of our tours. Information on our tour times can be found at


Cultural Gifts Program

In its mission statement, the AM Rosenblum Jewish Museum is entrusted to collect, conserve and display objects that illustrate the full richness of Jewish life and experience, particularly those objects with a direct connection to The Great Synagogue Sydney.
Our policy and guidelines also direct that additions to our collection will only be considered if offered by donation or bequest.  This means we must depend on the generosity of donors to expand and enhance the material culture of our collection.
However donations can be of mutual advantage as The Great is a “Deductible Gift Recipient”.  The Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program encourages Australians, through tax incentives, to donate items of cultural significance from private collections to public museums, libraries, and archives. Gifts can range from paintings, books, sculptures, manuscripts, and personal papers to jewellery, ceramics, and even scientific equipment.  Donors are eligible for the following tax incentives under the program:
    •    The market value of the gift is generally fully tax deductible.
    •    Donors can elect to spread the deduction over a maximum of five income years.
    •    Gifts are exempt from capital gains tax.
Donors may also claim a tax deduction for the cost of valuations obtained specifically for this program.
If you are interested in making a cultural donation to The Great Synagogue, please contact our Curator either by email ( or by phone on 9267 2477.
If you are able to contribute in this way, your generosity will be appreciated and valued by generations to come.


The Great Synagogue holds copies of records of births, deaths and marriages from the early days of the Colony of NSW. In many cases the originals are held by the Mitchell Library in the State Library of NSW and permission must be sought from the Great Synagogue in order to consult these records. Many of the records, both older and more recent, have been microfilmed and copies are held both at the Synagogue and at the Australian Jewish Historical Society. The Society has a microfilm printer which makes consulting the records much easier. The AJHS can be consulted at or on +61 2 9518 7596.

The Great offers searches of our own records for $51. Our volunteer archivist will find your family records if available and can copy and certify them should that be necessary. Please email the office.

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